Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Fall Porch..... I Promise I'm Done Now!

Our garage porch gets LOTS of traffic. It's the most used porch on our house. We're just not front door kind of people and neither are our friends. Back door friends are the absolute best friends anyway, right? A few months back I did a post about the potting bench that calls this porch home {if you missed that post, you can find it here}. 
I still just love this little potting bench, but it needed some simple FALL-ifying. So, I moved some things around, and rummaged through some boxes in the basement, and now I'm in love all over again.

This little spot makes me smile every time I pull into the garage. And for some reason, I really haven't done much of anything inside the house to welcome fall, but I've really enjoyed re-doing our porches. Decorating for the seasons doesn't have to put you in the poor house. Shop around your house and your yard first and then decide if you really need to purchase an item. Often, you have something already, that when moved to a different spot, suddenly seems bright and new again. This is one of my best tricks for decorating on a budget and I use this little trick all the time. This has allowed me to enjoy decorating while spending very little for many years {it also keeps my hubby very happy}. 

I'm so glad you could join me today. Thanks for visiting! And remember, I love to hear from y'all, so chat it up in the comments below!

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  1. I'm in love with your yellow potting bench! It's so cheerful and bright!

  2. I'm pretty sure this adorable potting bench (and your porch) will end up on the cover of Country Living magazine! You have some seriously awesome styling skills!

    1. Okay...... you are undoubtedly the sweetest person ever! And by the way....... do you have any close contacts at Country Living??? Just sayin'........
      Thanks Amy for visiting today and giving me such a BIG smile this evening!!

  3. Amy!! I love this!! I am so sorry that I have not been by sooner.... I have been so busy..... I plan on catching up with you though...

    Forgive me???


    1. Oh Debbie, I've missed you so!! When I see your name in my comments, a B-I-G smile fills my face! Thanks for stopping by this morning!

  4. Hi Amy - I'm back to feature your fall porch at this week's Merry Monday Link Party (it's just too darn pretty not to share)! Stop back by Sunday at 6pm PST, pick up your "featured" button, and link up your latest posts - hope to "see" you there! : )


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