Thursday, June 12, 2014

What We're Reading At Our House

Homeschooling has been a blessing and a joy for many years for this family. I know that it's not a lifestyle for everyone, but I really wish it could be! Would you maybe like to give it a try? We chose this lifestyle for our children, but it's me who has learned so much over the years {sixteen of them if you can believe that!}. When we first began, we used curriculum's for the first couple of years, and then began to pick and choose books depending on the individual learning styles of each child. We became more and more relaxed over the years. For the last couple of years, we have been moving into unschooling territory. I just love the thought of creating joy in learning everyday. I recently attended a used book sale and brought home some great read-alouds. I also discovered how much I love the books of "Rod and Staff Publishers". Our seven year old cannot sit still for too long so reading aloud to him can be challenging. I found this little book titled "The Extra Mile". 

It has thirty five stories woven with important truths to teach children God's ways. They are short and sweet - perfect for an active seven year old! I also found this great little read aloud "I Pledge Allegiance" by June Swanson. 

Homeschoolers do not have the regular opportunities to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag that I did while growing up. I do still think it important for them to know the pledge and it's history. This is a great simple read for all ages. So there you have it. What are you reading at your house right now?

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