Monday, June 2, 2014

How To Survive And Thrive On One Income {Part One}

This blog has been so much fun! I love coming here to journal about all our homeschooling adventures, the yummy recipes and the wow factor of the before and afters, but my real passion is being a stay at home wife and mom. How in the world I'm I able to stay at home and raise and school our children? Let's get a few things out of the way right off the top. No, my husband doesn't make six figures nor has he ever. No, we don't have "family money". Are we just smarter than most people, exceptionally gifted in some way that makes it easy for us to make lots of money without even trying too hard, definitely not! So, how do we survive in this two income world on only one income? Well, I'm going to tell you. Is it easy? Absolutely not. Is it worth it? My goodness, yes! I've broken down this journey into four parts. These four parts will be my next four posts, so stay tuned. I know from experience that this issue can be a touchy one for some couples. If it's something that you've found yourself considering, then this post's for you.

1.   A United Front

You should know that the most important component is a united front. The decision to live on one income cannot be a choice that one spouse or the other is more in favor of, you BOTH must desire this lifestyle equally. If one of you wants it more than the other, don't go any further, don't read on, because this lifestyle takes two. Believe me when I say that if one of you wants it more than the other, it will only be fodder for disagreements later on. This lifestyle is challenging and you don't need "who's idea was this anyway?" coming up in arguments when the going gets tough. If it's something that you are both in agreement about, then read on! My husband and I decided a long while back {I've been at home full time for 18 years} that if I wanted, I could be at home with our then only child. The decision to homeschool followed a couple of years after that. This lifestyle takes a whole lot of prayer and consideration. If you and your husband are a united front, then you've conquered the first step to living on one income. This is a really important step too! Please join me tomorrow for step two in this five part series.

Tomorrow we're going to talk about how your life should look as you learn to live with less and find more joy than you ever thought possible! This lifestyle is naturally rewarding and even though it can be stressful in the beginning, don't throw in the towel. Keep plodding forward one day at a time and before you know it, you'll be amazed at how far you've come. Join me right back here tomorrow morning for Part Two! 

Please click  here  for Parts 2-5 in this series!

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  1. Keeping communication open is very important, but even more so when you cut your income. Hello from Say G'Day Saturday.

  2. May I say that this is good also when one considers going from full time to part time. I am the major bread winner and always have been as I am a professional, an RN, and my hubby worked in factories prior to being hired as a Letter carrier for the US Post Office at the age of 43!! We experienced many lay offs and factory shut downs so I really had no choice but to continue working, providing the financial stability in our lives.
    I need to go part time because of medical issues so i can continue to work until age 62, providing the heath insurance which I also carry as it is much cheaper for me to do so than for my hubby to do so.
    Both of us have decided that in Jan. 2016 when 2 co workers of mine retire at 62 y/o, I will take one of their part time jobs. We have agreed on this together....


  3. Great post! It's not always easy living on one income, but it has always been worth the sacrifice for us! I'd love for you to link up to the Be. YOU. tiful link party. We are live on Thursdays at 12am PST.

  4. Thank you ladies so much for your encouraging comments! Always so nice to have the support of friends!

  5. I've just pinned this-I work as a substitute teacher so that I can help contribute but it is hard when I don't get work for a week or two at a time. It is worth the sacrifice though!

    Thanks for joining the Say G’Day Saturday linky party. Hope you can join us again this weekend.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

    1. Thank you Natasha for Pinning! And, I will most certainly join you this Saturday. I LOVE your linky party!

  6. Your series couldn't have come at a better time for me. I've been home for 6 months and I love it, but we could definitely use some tips on how to keep up this lifestyle. (Stopping by from the Motivational Monday Link Party)

  7. Congratulations on you and your husband's decision for you to stay at home! Enjoy your every day!

  8. I love this! I want to stay home, but there are so many fears on so many levels. I completely agree that BOTH of you have to be on the same page with it!

    1. Shambray, I'm so happy that you could stop by! I agree that it is scary! The unknown ALWAYS is. But I can tell you that as we have sought out God's will for our lives, he has NEVER not provided for our needs. Pray over your desires and you might just see that God opens a new door for you and your family. Hugs!


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