Friday, May 30, 2014

On Living Simply

When I was a little girl, I went to my grannie's house two weekends a month.  I loved my weekends there. She and my grandaddy lived in the same house where they had raised their own children. It was a modest, two bedroom house on the wrong side of town. It had once been the right side of town, but times had changed and so had their neighborhood. The yard was large and had a cement pool in the backyard that my grandaddy had built himself when my own dad was just a little guy. I would ride my go kart on a large figure eight track that grandaddy had also built for my dad and his brother on which to ride their peddle powered cars and bikes. In my memory, birds sang louder there, the sun shone brighter there, and time flew by peacefully. Something about being there seemed slower and worry free. It was like all the things of the world were balanced when I was there. My grannie was a youthful woman with dyed brown hair and pink lips. She hummed to the melodies being cranked out on the record player while she dusted and cleaned the kitchen. She listened to all the Big Band greats. I would hear her laughing to herself about some past memory of her youth as she fried chicken and shaped the most scrumptious biscuits. To her, every meal was a special occasion. We giggled all throughout the days and would then fall exhausted into the queen sized bed we shared when I slept over. The window air conditioning unit whirred and blanketed the whole room in a cool calmness. She would read the newspaper to me until we would both drift off into a most peaceful sleep. 

My mom and dad had long before decided that having more than you did growing up was the way to go, so by default, that was my path too. My life in my home was a sharp contrast to the weekends I would spend at grannie's. My mom worked because bigger is quite expensive. I remember being crouched at the top of the stairs just outside my bedroom door, way past my bedtime, eavesdropping on arguments between my mom and dad because money was tight even with two incomes. Big House, big cars, big private school tuition equalled big headaches. I knew that my soul was at the most peace at my grannie's house, but it would take me nearly thirty years to figure out why. I grew up in financial struggles and didn't realize that it was not necessary. I took this struggle into my young adulthood and then right into my marriage. It all seemed so regular, this stress and fear filled existence. It was all that I knew and I just assumed that everyone lived this way. Our marriage was difficult because my desire to have more and be more did not match my husband's income. Poor man. God had paired me with this precious, gentle man knowing that one day I would come 'round. Around to the life God had planned for me all along. He had planted the seeds of simple living in me when I was young through my grannie. He saw what I didn't, that one day those seeds would sprout and our children would not grow up in a home filled with fear and turmoil. He knew that all the pieces would fit together perfectly over time. His time. I'm so grateful to serve an all knowing and patient God. A Father who doesn't give up or become impatient with His children. 

On Monday, I'll be starting a five part series on Surving And Thriving On One Income. I promise that my posts will enlighten you and provide you with the direction to achieve the goal of staying at home with your children. If you've ever wondered how other families do it, survive on one income, join me here all next week. Living Simply is such a blessing and I regret that it took me so long to figure it out. Have a blessed weekend and I'll see you right back here Monday morning.

Click Here to link right over to my five part series on "How To Survive And Thrive On One Income"


  1. What a wonderful story. Can't wait till your series comes out. I'm sure it will be very helpful to those staying at home with the kids. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday

    1. Thank you Erlene and thank you for ALL your hard work hosting Merry Monday's! You are appreciated!


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