Monday, May 5, 2014

A Thrifting We Will Go..........

One of my favorite things to do once the weather warms, is to hit the road in search of thrift stores and flea markets. This weekend was just perfect for an adventure. I'm not much on antique stores, because they are usually a little pricey, but thrift stores and flea markets are right up my alley. I found so many bright vintage items. I just love digging through racks and bins for treasures.

Word of caution: you have to learn early on to be very intentional in your shopping though. When I first started thrifting, I found great values on items that I didn't really need now, but they were such a steal that I bought them for "later". Bad habit to get into! A little while later I had a basement bulging at the seams! So, be very intentional when you see a treasure, have you ALWAYS wanted the item or is it just a bargain? Only purchase something if you have a space for it or it's been on your want list for a long while. I saw so many things that were both beautiful and a great deal, but I didn't purchase them. I've been wanting to add vintage metal furniture to our outdoor spaces, and this weekend I hit the jackpot! I love how retro it looks and stay tuned, these pieces are gonna get a big makeover!  I'll post pics when I get them all prettied up.  I just love these pieces, so many memories of my grannie's house. And the most fun? Figuring out how to get all this stuff into the van without having to leave at least one of the kids at the flea market ;)

You can even find super deals on potted plants too. I found all these beautiful plants to add to our gardens for a way better price than our local nursery.

Knowing that my kids can spot "diamonds in the rough" just makes me feel so doggone good. We had so much fun together and brought home some great goodies at a heck of a price.

So, maybe next weekend, you might try a family adventure. Happy thrifting! It's Monday again, have a beauty filled week everyone!

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