Friday, May 2, 2014

A Day At The Farm

This week, we spent the morning at a local farm. We met up with a homeschool group there, and were given a hands on tour of the farm and how all the growing goes down. I've now been bitten by the gardening bug and can't wait to get started planting! What a gorgeous day it was! Bright blue skies, plenty of sunshine and red, ripe strawberries ready for the picking.

The tour was fabulous and so informative. We were allowed to pick our own berries and then took a hay ride {sans hay, thank goodness, we're sneezing enough already with all this pollen!}.

We've shopped at this local farm for years, but seeing behind the scenes was eye opening. This was one of the best field trips we've been on in a while. On the hay ride, we saw all their apple tree orchards and blackberry bushes in bloom, and the tiniest little peaches on the trees. I can't wait 'till peach season, homemade peach ice cream- yum! Then the kids got to see the worm house. They prefer all natural fertilizer whenever possible, so they produce their own fertile soil with the help of earthworms. We even got some great handy hints how to do this in our own little gardens. Our youngest was mesmerized by the worms!

Then it was off to the honey bee house and a taste of some local raw honey.

{Matt paid close attention in the honey bee house}

After the bee house, we were off to do some planting. The kids were given green bean seeds and asked to help with the planting. What a wonderful day!

In case you're wondering, field trips ARE my favorite homeschool pastime! I encourage you to look around your own neighborhood for field trip opportunities, and hook up with a local homeschooling group to hear more about local field trips in your area. Oh, such a GREAT day! And see what I brought home.....

{Yes, they were as scrumptious as they look!}

Happy Friday everyone! Take the family and head out to a farmer's market this weekend.  You can thank me later :)

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