Tuesday, May 27, 2014

8 Easy Peasy Garden Plants

It is officially summer at our house. We grilled hamburgers for Memorial Day, the kids have been swimming in the pool nonstop, and we got our vegetable garden planted. The timing could not have been more perfect. We were hurrying to get the plants in the ground and compost mulch around them before the rain was due to come. Storm clouds were fast approaching while we were planting. We got it all accomplished and were putting away the tools when, kaboom, thunder crashed and the skies opened up and the glorious rain began to fall. Perfect. Being city born and bred, gardening has been a bit challenging for me. I still plant the easy stuff, but it goes a long way in helping save money on fruits and veggies during the summer months. We had planned on building a raised bed for strawberries this spring, but we just never got to it {I still have the list of supplies in my purse just in case though!}.

High on our list for planting every year are the veggies required for fresh salsa. That list includes tomatoes, jalapenos, and cilantro. Fresh salsa is a must have summer staple! What goes better with those grilled burgers than chips and salsa? NOTHING! And, another southern favorite, tomato sandwiches. Homemade bread, mayo, tomatoes, salt and pepper, oh my, my mouth's watering just at the thought!

Now throw in some colorful marigolds {a great companion plant for tomatoes} and we're well on our way to a perfect little garden. Then we always plant cucumbers and give them a little fence to meander in and out of. Add some easy peasy, squash and zucchini for a yummy side dish and watermelon and cantaloupe for a fruity, delicious dessert, and we have one great garden.

{A Small Garden Is A Big Money Saver During The Summer Months}

Have you planted your garden yet? It's not too late you know. Summer is just beginning to take hold here in Georgia and in lots of other states too. If you've never planted a garden, consider starting a small one and grow to a larger one with time. You'll just love eating your own home grown fruits and veggies all summer.
Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope that your Memorial Day weekend was just summerific!

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