Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Slowing Down

I think that we have to intentionally tell ourselves to slow down. Each week tends to barrel on at an amazing pace and unless we stand right up in the middle of it all and shout "slow down", it will just keep right on flying. We take so many things for granted each day. Our sleepy eyes open each morning and the second our feet hit the floor, the race begins. Even us homeschooling moms do it. We're guilty too. We rise, slurp down some coffee and begin racing through the day.

So much to do. So, I'm challenging me and you to take it down a notch, to slow it all down intentionally. Drink your coffee slower today, watch your kids play today, heck, get out there and play too. Let's all intentionally slow it down today. Appreciate more today. Linger longer today. Love more deeply today.

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