Friday, April 11, 2014

A Little Celebration

Our youngest turned seven this week.  He's been planning this birthday since January. This one's a live wire.  He's up at dawn and flies through each day with energy to spare.

I'm pretty sure that I was never this active, even as a child. He definitely took after his Dad.  Those two can work from sun-up to sundown and whistle a happy tune to boot. I was thirty-nine when he was born; such a rocky time for us.  I developed pre-eclampsia, and our little one was born at only twenty-nine weeks. This was followed by a six week stay in the NICU. Terrifying, as I'm sure too many of you moms out there know. Something about leaving your baby behind at the hospital, in the care of others, is just so unnatural.  In those weeks, I had a breakdown and could hardly function. 

But, it was only for a season, and now just look at him, all big and strong.  So hard to believe that he started out at a mere three pounds, seven years ago.  Boy, God is so good.
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