Monday, March 24, 2014

Take Two

My poor baby blog.  It suffered as I did.  In the winter months I suffer terribly from depression.  A dark, lonely place that I spiral into each year around about January and don't begin to emerge until the weather warms and the sun brightens.

It worsens each year as I age, and it becomes harder and harder to break its grip on me. It's mighty hard to be a full time homeschool mom during this season, but I find ways to cope.  I find that I have to whittle down all things external and focus on the bare necessities.  It becomes all about learning and preparing meals, ONLY.  

The good Lord blessed us with two girls that are so helpful with cleaning, straightening and baking.  That is a godsend when I am in this dark place.
I know that I'm not alone on this dark journey; do you suffer too?  How do you cope? 

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