Monday, August 31, 2015


Do distractions fill your days? Life is so full of them and I'd like to ask you to possibly see them for what they really are. Maybe they are direct assaults from Satan. God has recently brought my distractions front and center and in doing so, forced me to see what a terrible hindrance they are in my relationship with Him.

As I sit with my morning coffee and begin to pray, my mind almost immediately flits down another path, sometimes I'm on that rabbit trail for quite a while before I realize, shoot, I was supposed to be praying. Then back on track I go, chatting with the Lord and before I know it, gone again, I'm off thinking about next week's schedule, oh shoot, I was praying wasn't I? 

I've come to realize that my distractions are not just a little focus problem of mine, they are not just my aging brain struggling to stay on track. No sir, they are direct assaults by Satan aimed at my spirituality. They are direct hits to hinder and impede my relationship with God. Satan is a crafty little fellow, and attacks us in the most innocent of ways in hopes that we won't notice. 

Well I have news for you Satan, I'm on to you buddy, and you will no longer have dominion over my time with God. Now, each time I become distracted during prayer time, I see it for what it really is and I fight, and I fight hard. 

So, right before I sat down to write this post, I talked with God about fasting today and praying over an issue that is heavy on my heart at the moment. Now y'all already know that I have food issues, so giving up food is totally giving my best to God {wink}. After I finished writing this post, and I'm not lying y'all, I went straight into the kitchen, reached for a bowl, and began pouring my raisin bran into the bowl. As I'm listening to the sound of the cereal as it's hitting the bowl, my brain clicks into gear and I say, you're kidding me, didn't I just profess to God that today I'm going to be fasting and prayerful, and didn't I just write about the seriousness of distractions in my life? I kid you not, distractions are a huge problem for me right now. I begrudgingly poured my cereal back into the box and edited this little post. What can I say, I'm a work in progress.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Exploring Kentucky

I should probably begin this post with an apology to the kind folks of Kentucky, because during our nearly a week in your fine state, we held up lots of traffic. So if at any time you found yourself behind a really slow car pulling a little pop-up camper, it was probably us. Sorry. For most of our visit, we looked like the lead car in a funeral procession. Kentucky is beautiful y'all and has to be seen s-l-o-w-l-y. We took the scenic byway route, stayed off the highways as much as possible, and spent our days cruising through the vast acres and acres of farmland. Breathtaking. If you've never explored that fine state, I can highly recommend it. 

The Creation Museum in up state was awesome and through December of this year, they have a 'buy 2 tickets get 2 tickets' special. That offer is what started the planning for our whole adventure. If you've been contemplating checking out the museum, this is your year, and did I mention that your tickets are good for two days? All museums should be that way! It was so inspiring and really gave me lots of a-ha moments. Highly recommend this place!

Our second stop was Mammoth Caves and I must say that I wish we could have stayed there longer and that it would have been fall, it was really HOT. Besides the many cave tour options, the area is filled with trails. I stopped at the information desk to ask about the trails and the sweet ranger told us about a little cottage off the beaten path. She said it used to be a water filtering area when the park cleaned their own water, it looks like Snow White's cottage, she said. Snow White's cottage?, sign me up! 

She directed us right where it was, we never would have found it without her direction. I would really like to visit there again and do a longer cave tour. We went on the 'Frozen Niagara' tour as it boasts the only portion of the caves that feature stalagtites and stalagmites. It was beautiful but the tour was over so quickly, I really would have enjoyed more time in the caves, next time.........

Now, lest you leave with the impression that our adventures were perfect, we went an hour out of our way to check out Lincoln's boyhood home. When we finally arrived, it was being remodeled with a huge gate surrounding the grounds. You've got to be kidding me???? I told the kiddos that we were getting a picture at Lincoln's boyhood home, closed or not. It gave us all a good laugh, and in my book, it was worth it. 

I had never been to Kentucky and boy I'm so happy to be able to say that I've driven through a good portion of that beautiful state. If you call Kentucky home, you are blessed! If you are trying to figure out your next family adventure, maybe Kentucky is for you. Happy camping y'all!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Seeking Joy

Joy.        Are you living a joy-filled life? You know, the kind of joy that you have inside of you that illuminates you, that others can't help but notice, the kind of joy that you have because God abides in you, dwells within you.  

Last Saturday, we were all in the car on the way home from a mountain hike. We were winding through a mountain road filled with farmland and little old houses. We passed one after another. As we rounded a curve we came upon a house with a rather large front yard. The grass was unusually tall and right dab smack in the middle of the yard amongst the tall grass was an old lady pushing a lawnmower. Her shoulder length silver hair was blowing wildly in the breeze. Her wrinkled little face looked up from her task and her eyes locked onto us as we were passing. She looked right at us and threw up her hand in the air with a big ole wave and a grin from ear to ear lit up her face. She looked as though she knew us and was expecting our passing, she greeted us like a homecoming. There she was, easily ninety something, pushing an old lawnmower, and not one of those fancy self-propelled ones, but an old fashioned lawnmower that's a dickens for anyone half her age to push through tall grass. I thought of all the things I might be feeling if I were her, why hadn't one of my children cared enough to cut my lawn with me old and all, why would God forsake me and leave me all alone and without anyone to care for me, my head filled with tons of negative thoughts. She was thinking none of those thoughts that were swirling around in my head. She was filled with a joy that lit her up like a Christmas tree. The Lord abides in her heart and she knows joy

It was all I could do not to ask my husband to turn the car around and go back. I wanted to be in her presence. I wanted to understand that kind of joy. I wanted to sit on her porch and listen to her story.

I believe that Jesus shows up in people all the time. I believe He was in that white haired little lady on that mountain road last Saturday. 

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