Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why Camping? {our first adventure}

So why camping? Why was it so important to me to purchase a camper? To take on a massive year long search and pinch pennies all the while saving for a camper, then to finally find one and begin a truck load of work, cleaning, sewing, and saving some more for the redo. Why all of it? This is why..........

I desire for my children to laugh more together, I desire for my husband and I to take it slow and sit around a campfire growing our relationship without even saying a word, I desire for my children to learn, not through books, but through life, I desire for my children to be raised knowing that hard work {yes, setting up and taking down your pop-up is work} gives way to pleasure and a sense of accomplishment, I desire to escape technology, both for the kids and adults, I desire a simpler, slower pace and if that means packing up and going on a camping adventure as often as financially feasible, then that's what I want to do. 

Camping is a lifestyle. I learned a whole lot on our first trip out, some expected, some not. I knew I'd get more proficient with setting up the camper and campsite, I knew I'd learn lots of organizational skills {five living in a 12x12 box and you get mighty organized mighty fast!}, but what I didn't expect was my mental growth. I looked around and saw lots of other campers. I saw families camping with kids of all ages and lots of retired couples too. That was what I saw on the surface. But, what I really saw was that these were a special kind of folks that are tough, not afraid of hard work, people that understand that in great work there is great pleasure. I long to be more like these people. In my quest for 'myself' these last few months, I have grown complacent and lazy, I've gained back weight and have gotten sadly out of shape. I was inspired by and in awe of those campers and I did some serious soul searching that ended in me kicking my patootie into gear. I know who I am and who I want to be, geesh, I wasn't planing on getting all that from camping, but thank you God for opening my weary eyes!

I saw my children find other activities {no internet or t.v.}, they woke up earlier and went for walks, together,  they built campfires on their own because they wanted s'mores for breakfast {hey, I know, but they were having a blast}. 

For all these reasons, for these reasons, I wanted a camper. For these reasons, we searched and saved for a year. For these reasons, it's everything that I'd dreamed of and even lots that I couldn't possibly have even known. For these reasons, we'll be going camping as often as possible, I - can't-  wait!

Love y'all so much, and thanks for being around for the stories and adventures!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Family + Summer

I love summer holidays! We were supposed to get rain on Memorial Day, but it held off and allowed our little family to have a glorious afternoon in the outdoors. 

Our oldest son and his very special someone came for lunch and brought along corn on the cob for grilling and the most delicious yogurt parfait cups for desert. We cooked up some hamburgers and hot dogs to go along and I made potato salad and baked beans. Oh my it was delicious {I'm getting hungry again just looking at these pictures}! 

Beautiful and patriotic yogurt & fruit parfaits

They brought along our grand-dog Happy. She's such a sweet girl.

After huge amounts of work, I'm thrilled to announce the pool is up and running. The ground had shifted where the pool sits, so the pool had to be removed, the ground re-leveled, then the pool re-assembled, then cleaned and filled, whew, lots of work! For this little dude, it was all worth it!

I'm going to leave you with my favorite picture from the day. This is my baby Paco {he rocks my doggie world y'all}. We've discovered he is quite passionate about corn on the cob. I'm seeing lots more grilling in my future!

I sure hope y'all had an awesome holiday in your little neck of the woods and happy summer!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

Image courtesy of Graphics Fairy

Wishing you and your family a very happy Memorial Day. Thank you to all those who have served and those that continue to serve to preserve our freedom. We are eternally grateful for your sacrifice.

Enjoy this day my friends and I'll see y'all tomorrow morning!

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