Monday, October 5, 2015

In The Raw

That's a catchy title right? Last Monday, I shared about my weight loss journey and quest for better health. Did you miss that? Catch up here. But there's more to that story, so much more. I mentioned that My Crohn's was in remission, that I'm no longer on any meds, and that my migraines are totally gone.

But, you know, there's other stuff, stuff that I'm not satisfied with. I'm so stiff all over my body and it's so doggone uncomfortable, plus joint stiffness, especially in my hands. I'm having way too much moodiness, and there's always that depression that I've fought for so many years.

I'm ready to dive deeper, I believe without any doubts that God's food heals. 

I believe in the power of food, goodness, my life has changed so much in the last few months all  because of food, but I'm ready to journey to the next level. I'm curious how much can I heal with even further changes in my diet. I'm beyond confident that food will heal.  Beyond confident. 

So what's next? Juicing. Eating raw is the healthiest and fastest way to fill my body with fruits and veggies in their raw state, translated, no vitamin loss. My body seriously needed a detox and then I have to learn to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my lifestyle, into my every day

I desire a better quality of life and I believe without any doubts that God has provided me all the tools I need to accomplish this. No doubt. 

Last week, I began ten days of juicing and/or eating only fruits and veggies {90% juicing}. This is day nine. Has it been challenging? Oh my dear, yes! The first three days were definitely the hardest. Nausea, tiredness, foggy, yep, oh honey, it was awful. But, it got better, boocoodles better and I even have more energy, and energy is an awesome thing! My mind is clearing, and dare I say it, I feel happy and more mentally balanced, for you, that may mean little, but for me, whoa! On the sixth day, the stiffness in my body showed a slight change, but it's a change, and I'll totally take that. The joint pain is improving as well. And a beautiful side-effect, weight loss, not to mention clear glowing skin, and I'm only on day nine of eating raw. I plan to continue well past my ten planned days. Diving deeper y'all. 

It's real friends. I'm living proof. Food heals. I finally came to that place, that place where you get tired of seeing other people that are no doubt eating clean. You know the ones, healthy size, glowing skin, energetic, I finally came to the place where I really wanted all that. To quote a famous movie line, I got to the place where I wanted to shout, 'I'll have what she's having'! 

Any questions or comments? I'd love to hear from y'all!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Super Easy Fall Leaf Banner

Today I'm re-sharing one of my favorite fall banner tutorials from last year. I was so excited to bring this little colorful banner out of storage this fall! Happy Crafting Y'all!

I'm ready to get busy with some fall crafting. Are you starting to get that itch too? This is a super easy craft that I've had bookmarked for weeks just waiting for the crafting bug to bite. Well, it bit, so here we go y'all! I originally found this leaf banner on a blog {A Beautiful Mess} that I adore. If you haven't been by, for heavens sakes, swing by soon! For this craft you'll need some felt in your choice of colors, some yarn or thread and a needle to stitch. Ready? Let's get started....

1. Cut leaves. I ran outside and pulled a Dogwood leaf off of a tree and traced it onto some card stock and used that as my template. Easy and free.

2. Stitch the leaves together using yarn or embroidery thread. I chose a fine gauge yarn and an embroidery needle to stitch. Remember to knot the ends so as not to lose any leaves. And like the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess suggest, this is a great craft to do while watching  t.v.! 

3. You can make it as long or short as you like. That's it! You can now sit back and enjoy your Felt Leaf Banner. So easy!

I had lots of fun trying it out in different places around the house. It really brightened up the chalkboard and also looked right at home on our antique hutch. Maybe I should make more than one! I hope you enjoyed this super easy banner craft. Have a great weekend y'all!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just Like You

Do you have days when you wonder if you're doing this life thing right? Do you browse the web, find awesome blogs {there's no shortage of those out there!} and feel that you can't possibly measure up? There are some fabulous women out there throwing extraordinary parties and documenting them in step-by-step tutorials, turning their dilapidated basements into dream rooms, there's no shortage of here's-how-you-do-it webinars, mercy, everyone's writing a New York Times best seller it seems. Do you ever come away from all that and wonder, I'm not measuring up, am I? 

I do.

We're not all extraordinary in the same ways. Some of us are extraordinary in more subtle, less flashy ways, but still, just as mighty in purpose, maybe even more so. It wouldn't make a very good webinar, but boy I'm good at camping adventures, if I do say so myself. Now, if I could just get my teenage daughters to appreciate this gift of mine, why, I'd be on cloud nine!

It's hard to not be envious of the abilities of others. It happens to me all the time. To be honest, I don't peruse blogs as often as I once did. That's weird to hear coming from a blogger  isn't it???? It's hard sometimes to control my green.  

So, when you visit here, keep in mind that I don't have it all going on, that my floors are covered in dog fur and legos most all  of the time, and that invariably, I do over-salt the kale and burn the cornbread, why, sometimes it won't even come out of the pan. Some days, my failures far outweigh my successes. You too?

See, I am just like you {smile}.

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