Monday, February 8, 2016

A Piano For The Living Room

I'm still not sure what happened, it's just a blur. All I remember is that we went to our local Habitat for Humanity store hunting for some old records for the girls new record player, and, we came home with this.........

I couldn't help myself, truly I swear I couldn't. It spoke to me, I'm not kidding, this piano spoke to my heart, in the boldest of whispers {it was 50% off!}, and the next thing I remember, my husband was loading this divine instrument onto our trailer. I feel that I should surely apologize to you all. All that talk around here of slow and intentional living, I threw caution to the wind! What else could I have done? It was speaking to me y'all!

I couldn't be happier, giddy actually. Isn't she the most beautiful thing you've ever laid eyes on? I wouldn't fault you a bit if you were having piano envy right now.  Even deer looks thrilled doesn't he? Our youngest daughter is smitten. She had already taught herself to play a few songs on our keyboard, and now she's raring to take lessons from a friend of ours in town. She's always been drawn to the piano, and now she can fly!

Even though it's sadly out of tune {it has to acclimate before tuning, who knew?}, her playing has brought life to this old house, the whole house comes alive, my heart comes alive. I feel that I'm finally home. Who knew that our little house was longing for music so? I sure didn't.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Top 5 Tips For Maintaining Your Weight Loss

Just popping in this morning with an update on me! Yes, ME! There's some modesty for ya, huh!? I wanted to share a little on my weight maintenance so far since I lost a bit of weight last year {see that here, here, and here}. So far so good y'all. Maintenance is tricky and I've really had to stay on the ball. I've incorporated a few tidbits into my every day that have helped me hugely and I wanted to share........
  1. Replace meals with juicing every day. I LOVE juicing! It's been a lifesaver to my maintenance plan. Why? It helps me maintain a balance and not feel guilty about eating like a normal person sometimes. I juice breakfast and lunch most days and I have to say, it's my #1 maintenance piece of advice! {Here's where I get many of my juice recipes and inspiration}
  2. Keep a snack handy always. My favorite snack is nuts, any kind, any variety, I LOVE nuts! I can honestly give a squirrel a run for his money, no lie, I'm a nut hoarder. They're in the car, in my purse, in the pantry, always easily accessible. If you have a healthy snack handy at all times, and eat when you first feel those hunger pangs, you won't over do it later.
  3. Don't count fat or calories! This is a biggie because it's against most all weight loss and maintenance plans. Through my whole weight loss, I never counted fat or calories and I truly believe it's key both to losing and maintaining. So you're asking, how do you know if you're doing it right, what's holding you accountable? If you go back to the very basics of food, and we all know what those are, foods that are closest to the way God gave them to us, foods closest to their natural state, that's what you eat y'all. If you eat this way, clean and non-processed or an item with about five ingredients or less, there's no need to be a slave to calories and fat counting.
  4. Live! Enjoy that get together at your friends house, have that occasional burger and fries drenched in ketchup, have that slice of  birthday cake at your kiddos party, it's okay, you're not gonna blow it. If nearly every day you eat the way you should, you have no worries when you occasionally live a little. Life should be enjoyable and food is often center stage at gatherings, enjoy it!
  5. Don't hide from your scale! Repeat after me, my scale is my friend! Once upon a time not so very long ago, I'd hide from my scale. I figured that if I didn't see how bad things were, then they weren't really all that bad. Nuts, I know! Now, I weigh every day some weeks, less others, but I keep an eye on my number. It's way easier to take action with 3 pounds than 30, Amen? 

So that's it, my sage advice on maintaining your weight loss, easy peasy, right? I totally enjoyed the holidays, and January I might add, and I'm currently juicing more and exercising when possible to lose four pounds {see, I did enjoy the holidays!}, but it's okay. By keeping an eye on things it'll only take me about a week to drop back down to my happy number. I find that most of what I gain is fluid based due to eating foods that I typically don't eat, so it drops off pretty quickly when I eat what I should. Are you currently losing weight, maintaining or maybe just in the planning stages? You can do this! It's so worth all the hard work!


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Monday, February 1, 2016

Another Slow Redo {kids bathroom}

Whether you live in an older house or newer model, you're probably no stranger to the redo. I've written a bucket full of times about slow and intentional living and redo's on a shoestring budget because that's just how we live. And you know what, I wouldn't want it any other way. Slow anything means that you've put a considerable amount of thought into the situation and you're not going to make as many mistakes or have regrets. Slow means that you're going to be pleased as punch with the end result and that's all good, right? Right! 
While we're on the subject of slow, case in point, our kids bathroom, or the cave as I like to call it. I've always hated this room because it's so dark and gloomy. It's on the very back corner of the house, tucked away, and not really on my radar, this poor little room has been ignored, totally ignored. Do you have a room {or two} like that in your house? This bathroom is the achilles heel of our house, it really is. But no more, it's time has come. Amen and Hallelujah!

It's so beige y'all, and not in a good way. It's mismatched, oh so dark, broken, design flawed, it's a colossal mess, but we're ready to take it on. This bathroom is stuck in the 70's, but no more, we've declared war on the bathroom. 

Here's what you'll see with this redo:
  1. Only changes that we can afford. None of that borrowing from Peter to pay Paul stuff. This means that nothing is going to be ripped out. You'll see small changes that will have a big impact on the look and feel of the space.
  2. We'll be replacing the old stained linoleum with vinyl and we'll be doing the labor ourselves. We have the piece already and it was a remnant from a friend of my husband's that does flooring professionally. It was free y'all, cha-ching! Would I prefer an awesome vintage tile perhaps? YES, but I'm not going to let my budget get in the way of fixing up this little space.
  3. Paint! Lot's of re-painting. Paint is so inexpensive compared to other big dollar changes you can do around your house, never be afraid to re-paint an object or a wall. Repeat after me, paint is my friend. 
  4. I've been scouring online sales for months now at higher end stores I love but can't afford {#urbanoutfittersiloveyou} and I've gotten a couple of really sweet pieces. 
  5. Did I mention how slow this project will be? It's gonna be so slow, you'll probably forget that I ever mentioned that we were doing a bathroom re-do. I promise, I'll pop in with little updates along the way so you {and me!} can see that we're making progress.

Well, there you have it, the beginning of another slooooow redo. Pray for patience for me! I struggle sometimes with slow! It's going to be a little chaotic over here for a while and sometimes that drives me a little bonkers.

I beg of you, don't not start a home project because it seems too mighty, bite off a small little chunk and work on it slowly. Is there a room in your house that's driving you nutty? Why not start a slow redo?


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