Friday, April 24, 2015

A Late Spring Mantel

I had so much fun with this mantel last spring and I thought I'd share again this spring. That cow print is still one of my absolute favorites! 

You are sure to notice that there's a lot of green on this mantel. That's no coincidence. It was a mighty loooong winter and I really needed to bring some spring green inside. You might notice that I used one of my "renter's decorating tricks" to lighten up the rock surround of our fireplace. I made an "old barn door" and painted it white, then distressed it to give it that worn, aged look.  It provides a brighter, lighter backdrop for the otherwise dark and dreary mantel. I had been pining over this cow print as it was showing up all around the blogosphere. Something about that cow just spoke volumes to me. When I looked at it, I just felt my spirits sore and I felt surrounded by that green pasture. I had to have her.

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Then the "Hey Y'all" print. Again, that green, such a color of renewal,and it expressed the feeling of hospitality that I want to have around this home of ours.

Hey Y'all print from Stephanie Creekmur's shop

 All the other stuff up there, just seemed to fit the vibe I had going on. The deer antlers just belonged up there with "Miss Cow", and the banners, well you just gotta have banners. I love making them and using them whenever I can. My favorite chicken, he just moves all around all seasons because I just love his chippiness {did I just make up that word?} and he really seemed to fit in up there too.

Some of my favorite candlesticks added a little shine, and then I called it a day! Even if you don't happen to have an actual mantel to decorate, give a shelf new life with a fun and colorful redo. 

Happy Spring Y'all!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

On Raising Boys

Well today is a 'soap box' kind of day. I just cannot help myself, so my apologies to anyone that I may offend. I rarely get on my 'box', but my heart is way too full. Most of y'all know, I'm sure, that we have chosen to homeschool our littles, well, they're not all that little any more, but we chose this lifestyle for many reasons. One really big one was so that we could be in charge, for the most part, of everything that would go into the making of our children. We would be in charge of their 'exposure rate'. Now, obviously I'm not so naive to think that I can raise my kiddos in a bubble, the world will get in, but for the most part, we have a lot of control over what they are exposed to and when, definitely more than traditionally schooled kids. I expect a whole bunch from other homeschool families and that's probably part of my problem. I expect their children to be exceptional, for the very reason that I know how much sacrifice we all have to make as homeschooling families. My little rant, however is aimed at all moms of tween and teen boys,  not only homeschool families.

There is a right way and a wrong way to show affection to the opposite sex in public. Why are more parents not demanding that their boys respect young women. Just because we are raising boys in this world doesn't mean that they have to act of this world. There is little more visually disturbing to me than to see a young man pawing all over a girlfriend in a public venue. It's not only disturbing but completely disrespectful to me as a woman. This is amplified when I may have my other kiddos with me witnessing their display of affection. Case in point, our fourteen year old daughter, recently attended a Homeschool Dance. Sadly, there were several couples that could not keep their hands off of one another making it very uncomfortable for all the other guests. MOMS,  where are you?????

Raising sons in this world we live in today is hard, I get that, I have two, but we don't have to cave in and expect less because the world is too big and we are too small. God is never too small. He will win in the end, and I want my sons playing on the right team. And for the moms who say, well he doesn't get away with that kind of thing at home, it was only because he was out in public away from my watchful eye, don't even try it, if by fifteen, he doesn't know right from wrong with or without you, you've got a big problem. And you know what, your problem becomes mine when my teen daughters are left feeling grossed out and uncomfortable being around those couples inappropriate displays of affection. 

And I'm not terribly interested in the 'it takes two' argument either. We should be raising our sons to be the leaders that God expects them to be and therefore, if your son were leading his date properly, she'd have no problem remaining virtuous and pure. Chaperons at these events shouldn't have to police your sons. 

So I guess that I'm begging all  moms with sons, teach your boys respect just as diligently as you teach math and science in your homeschool. Character and life skills are the two most important subjects we can teach in our homeschools. I'd way rather they be lacking in numbers or reading skills than in virtue. Raise the kind of men that all women deserve. 

And yes, I'm done, I'll put my 'box' away now.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Farmhouse Ramblings

I've always found beauty in the strangest places, the older and chippier the better. I've always been sensitive to time worn objects and places and, I declare I can feel the energy stored inside of them. 

There is an old tin roofed farmhouse in the next county over, that has always held my imagination. It sits empty and forlorn now, but I swear I can hear the giggles of children that once played in the fields that surround it. 

I feel the most stirring in my soul when I find places like this to photograph. I'm so grateful to live in an area so rich with history and old forgotten homesteads and farms. I'm guessing that y'all are getting used to my ramblings about old things. How about you? Do you find the most pleasure in old or new?

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